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Land Records Research Company is based in Boise, Idaho and owned and operated by Carol L. Tice. Carol has extensive experience with land records and analysis, working for companies such as Mobil Oil, Amoco Minerals Company, and Boise Cascade Corporation. Some of her experiences include providing title searches and leasing for oil and gas, patented and unpatented mining claim title research, working on large projects such as meeting federal requirements for coal mining activity, creation of water reservoirs, determining ownership rights on large corporate acquisitions, and quiet title searches. She also has title company experience and knows what services they provide and how to complement their offerings. She fully understands both corporate and small business research needs.

Carol has owned and operated a business for over 20 years. She is knowledgeable in searching all public records thus providing a thorough and comprehensive analysis of your project.

Carol has a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Northern Colorado and an MBA from the University of Denver.

Knowledge is power and we can help. We are ready to assist you by providing the information your business needs.

Land Records Research Company is in business to improve your business.