Mineral and Mining Claim Searches Land Records Research Company provides reliable and accurate land records research and retrieval to serve our clients needs. We offer exceptional service and thrive on all types of research and are insured for general and professional liability. Below is a brief explanation of some of our services:

Oil and Gas Title Research and Leasing
Do you have an oil and gas prospect that requires land work and leasing? Carol L. Tice is a Landman with over 20 years experience in all types of title work in many different states on fee property as well as Federal and State lands. She has the knowledge to assist you in completing your projects with accuracy and professionalism.

Mineral, Timber, and Water Right Searches
Are you interested in water rights you have on your property or on a piece of property you want to acquire? Do you want to harvest the timber in an area or determine who owns mineral rights on a property? If so, we can help. These are areas of title that we have valuable experience researching and we can find the information you seek. There is increased awareness today concerning all of these areas and we can help you find out the information you need to make better and more complete business decisions.

Federal and State Mineral and Mining Claim Searches
Federal and State properties are unique and different than common fee properties from a record search standpoint. Affidavits of Work must be filed each year on federal mining claims and this is an area that is often overlooked. We can sift through the mountains of information on federal and state lands and provide you with accurate, up-to-date information that you need.

Quiet Title Research
Are you involved in a quiet title lawsuit or representing a client which may result in a quiet title action? We can complete the necessary research and provide the information you need to effectively represent your client.

Easements and Rights of Way
Do you need information on recorded easements on a piece of property or do you need access to a parcel of land and want to contact the owners to be granted access? We can search the records for any easements and rights of way of record so you can determine who has access to the property. If there is nothing recorded that will help you, we can provide the information you need to begin the process of acquiring permission from the correct parties to access the property you are interested in.

Current Ownership and Property History
Whether you need the current owner of record or a complete history of all ownership, we can provide information such as:

Land Use History
Do you need to know the history of a particular parcel of land? We can search the public records to determine how the land has been used in the past by reviewing aerial photos and land records.

Asset Location for Conservatorship - Estates
If you are representing a client as a conservator or assisting a client in settling an estate we can provide all the information you need to insure that you have all relevant information necessary to complete your task.

Records of Survey, Map and Document Retrieval
Do you need copies of documents to complete your records? Do you need copies of records of survey or maps for a particular area? Or do you simply need copies of all documents in a certain time period for a certain area? We can get you those copies in a timely manner so you can complete your work.

Civil Searches
In order to give you a complete picture of all areas to be considered, there are times when you may need some additional information regarding individuals or companies and how that may affect your business. We provide searches of the following areas: